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Across the Internet of things,


Overwhelmed trying to manage all of your devices?

Consumers adopt the latest connected devices with the promise of improving efficiency. Download, sign-in, get connected – it all happens within seconds. But our phones & tablets have become cluttered with an app only controlling a single device. With new devices steadily coming-to-market, innovation is outpacing our ability to simply control and manage it all. The promise of “simple’ has evolved into a multi-device, competing brands, environment. With Affinegy CHARIOT, we solve this problem.

Affinegy CHARIOT

  • The cloud based solution for managing your digital life.
  • We brought SIMPLE back.


If it doesn’t plug-in and work in just a few minutes, it’s not used. Lack of user engagement is a killer for businesses. CHARIOT provides one simple IOT Stack that discovers, configures, maintains, and enhances the customer experience with connected devices and multi-services gateways. For the consumer, It Just Works – anywhere, any place, and all of the time.



IOT anxiety? When we connect – Who listens? What’s exposed? While we share many things on Facebook on Instagram. Do we want our devices or homes sharing things without our knowing? Businesses delivering connected devices and cloud services can’t afford for consumers to be compromised. Trust is essential. Without it, customers won’t buy nor stay with your brand. Trust is earned. With simple privacy controls and best security protocols and practices, CHARIOT helps you earn that trust.



CHARIOT delivers the speed and scale to serve from one-to-millions of connected consumers and their devices. CHARIOT leverages Affinegy’s leadership in the AllSeen Alliance and its decade long work with broadband operators and network equipment vendors to provide broad interoperability for a wide range of connected products and applications. CHARIOT supports the full life cycle needed to deliver IOT applications as a scaled, and managed service, with 99.999% uptime.

Our Customers

Deployed in more than 35 million households, Affinegy’s CHARIOT is used by leading digital service providers, technology companies and customer service organizations.

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Gain Control of THE Internet of Things with CHARIOT.