Affinegy makes the Internet of Things Just Work.

In fact, we were connecting the Internet of Things before the Internet of Things existed. Since 2003 Affinegy has been a leader in device management, WiFi management and support for cable, telecom and hardware providers. We remove the barriers to connecting not only any device to the information highway, but also directly to each other. With Affinegy, Internet of Things providers can meet the demands of consumers by delivering a simple, secure, and scalable solution for connecting any and all devices.

Recognized for their leadership and experience, Affinegy is a member of many industry consortium and alliances where Internet of Things technology leaders are leveraging their combined expertise to create standards and secure solutions for both companies and consumers.


Our Culture & Values

We admit it – We totally geek out talking technology. It’s in our blood.

But what truly motivates our team is celebrating our customers’ success. It’s why we have a “do whatever it takes” company culture and also what has shaped our core values.


Innovation and creativity are celebrated not squashed.


We love what we do. We’re inspired daily to achieve stretch goals and to delight our customers, partners, and shareholders.


We’re open with each other and open with you. From top to bottom. There is no other way to do business.


Collectively there is nothing we can’t achieve.

Management Team


Melissa Simpler

Chief Executive Officer

Chief engager and team leader. Market strategy, partner point of contact, and customer champion. Melissa is most energized when she is connecting with others in a meaningful way. She is co-chair of CABA’s Connected Home Council, and active in Women@Austin, Women in Tech, and a University of Texas mentor to female electrical and computer engineering students. Her favorite digital gadget is her Fitbit and she challenges her team to daily maximum floor challenges.

Follow Melissa: @affinegy

KAB_7659 Art Final-FINAL.jpg

Art Lancaster

Chief Technology Officer

Chief innovativity and digital thought leader. Technology vision and roadmap setter. Art comes alive on the tech stage, debating and collaborating with industry colleagues. Elected to the Board, he serves as Community Director in the AllSeen Alliance; chairs the Gateway Agent Working Group; and works tirelessly to ensure team and customer success. If you ever need a connector-this or a digital-that, it’s probably in Art’s bag! He loves it all!!!

Follow Art: @affinegyart


Josh Spain

Director of Engineering

Curious without boundary; committed to detail. Josh leads software development of our CHARIOT platform spanning server, embedded, client, and mobile components. Committed to innovation and quality, Josh inspires us to think different and design with detail and care. Josh can’t quite leave the engineereing at the office – his current quest is to turn his Android into his Star Trek Tricorder. From bluetooth speakers in his shower to remote printing to portable projecting, he’s harnessing all IoT possibilities — definitely AllSeen inspired.


Pawel Szkudlarek

Business Development Director

Customer caretaker and solutions ace. Master scheduler with get-it-done zeal. Running our professional services and interoperability lab for years, Pawel knows our platform intimately and tailors it to our customer’s needs. When not at work, Pawel’s connected device of choice is his Garmin Fenix. He loves hitting the ski slopes with it and uses it for everything from trail tracking to monitoring his vitals, and snap-shotting his activities for post ski bragging rights.