Almost anything that powers on, now has an App and a Cloud service.

We call this the Internet of Things, and it’s exponentially growing.

Deutsche Bank defines Internet of Things* as a “networked” interconnection of people, business processes, data and things. In contrast, the Internet is mainly an interconnection of computing devices and applications. Many say IOT is the biggest technology inflection we’ve had since the Internet.

Global Internet Device Installed Base Forecast


Gartner, which has tracked the development of the internet of things concept for years, estimates that it will add $1.9 trillion to the global economy by 2020, in all areas.

But this economic win will not be scored unless industry finds a better way to cooperate. Too many protocols and alternative wireless communication interfaces, islands of connectivity instead of mainlands of harmony.

One Internet of Things initiative is leading the way to such harmony for the Connected Home – AllSeen Alliance. Affinegy joined at their start, December 2013. In just 14 months, AllSeen has grown membership to greater than 122 companies. Consumer electronics, home appliances, broadband and home automation service providers, software application and platform providers – including Qualcomm, Microsoft, Panasonic, Electrolux, LG, Haier, and AT&T Digital Life and many more – are participating.


Affinegy is playing several leading roles and contributing open source within the AllSeen Alliance, and Gateway Agent Working Group:

  • Art Lancaster, Board Member (Community) & Chair of Gateway Agent Working Group
  • Josh Spain, Member of Technical Interface Review Board, spanning 9 working groups
  • Melissa Simpler, Member of Events/Tradeshows committee

Through this key IOT alliance, Affinegy’s multiservices gateway vision is being further realized and new market opportunities are emerging for simple, secure, scalable cloud services management for connected devices.

*The Internet of Things: Not quite the Jetsons yet, but places to look; Brian Modoff, Vijay Bhagavath PhD, Kip Clifton, CFA; 6 May 2014.