Affinegy Founders Speak at Broadband Communities Summit

April 15, 2015


Laura Beck for Affinegy


Affinegy Founders Speak at Broadband Communities Summit, CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum Sessions

Affinegy CEO Melissa Simpler is Co-Chair of CABA’s Connected Home Council, Helping Facilitate Forum; CTO Art Lancaster is Director on AllSeen Board

Austin, TX, April 14, 2015 – This week at the Broadband Communities Summit, Affinegy co-founders Melissa Simpler and Art Lancaster will be speaking as part of the CABA Intelligent Building and Digital Home Forum. Simpler, co-chair of CABA’s Connected Home Council (CHC), is helping lead the CABA Forum and will speak on Wednesday, April 15 at 10 am representing the CHC at a roundtable discussion. Lancaster will speak Wednesday, April 15, at 9 am, on the Internet of Things and Smart Homes – The Need for Interoperability, representing the AllSeen Alliance where he is on the board.

Affinegy is a silver sponsor and exhibiting at booth 914. The Broadband Communities Summit is held in Austin, and runs from April 14-16, 2015. More at:

Simpler, who is co-chair of the CABA Connected Home Council (CHC), will be helping lead and facilitate the CABA Forum. In her leadership role, she championed the Pecan Street Labs and Austin Technology Council tours taking place April 16. Simpler will also participate in the roundtable discussion that will update attendees on CABA Landmark and Boutique research projects including on the “Connected Consumer Roadmap: Driven by the Internet of Things” and “Cybersecurity and the Connected Home.” Attendees will receive access to the recently completed CABA CHC White Papers, which include: “On Intelligent Home Offices – A Model and Potential Impacts” and “The Connected Car: Lifestyle Impaction on Consumer & the Ecosystem.” More information on the CABA CHC can be found at:

Lancaster will again represent the AllSeen Alliance in a session on the Internet of Things and Smart Homes – The Need for Interoperability. The AllSeen Alliance is an open standards group of 120+ companies committed to making the Internet of Things a reality. Affinegy was one of the first companies to join AllSeen, immediately after it launched, in December 2013, and now works alongside LG Electronics, Microsoft, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Silicon Image and others to fulfill the AllSeen mission. In April 2014, Lancaster was elected to the AllSeen Alliance Board of Directors. In May 2014, he was made chair of the AllSeen Gateway Working Group, which announced its first release in January 2015 at CES, the AllJoyn Gateway Agent, an Internet of Things game changer.

Affinegy’s decade-long focus on connected device management is a critical asset to the CABA Connected Home Council as well as AllSeen. Affinegy is ideally suited to be a leader in the Internet of Things because, for twelve years, it has focused on connected device management – from pure Internet, broadband and Wifi access, to the connected home whether entertainment, home security or home automation, and now to all things possible with the Internet of Things.

Affinegy has helped cable and telco service providers, help their end customers with installation and provisioning, management and support, to the tune of more than 35 million homes. Leadership roles for Affinegy on CABA and AllSeen validate that this company is uniquely poised to be the glue for the Internet of Things, to be the technology that makes all devices Just Work, easily and securely.

More About Affinegy

Since 2003, Affinegy has delivered connected device management solutions to leading cable/telco broadband service providers and device manufacturers that help consumers customers with installation, provisioning, management and support of services. Now, Affinegy’s software enables full, easy, secure device connectivity in the Internet of Things. Affinegy is a leader in the AllSeen Alliance, the broadest cross-industry consortium to advance the Internet of Things. Affinegy is headquartered in Austin, TX with additional offices in Dallas, and Wroclaw, Poland. More at