CHARIOT Platform Overview

CHARIOT is a powerful and flexible connected device management and service enablement software platform – spanning provisioning of initial service, maintenance and support, updates and service upgrades.

CHARIOT is offered for Broadband and Managed Service Providers (BSP and MSP) as a full turn-key solution, encompassing the UX/UI layer, CHARIOT Home for end users and CHARIOT Care for help desk agents. With CHARIOT at the heart of broadband delivery, users get seamless connectivity for all of their devices and service providers get happy customers.

CHARIOT is offered to Product Companies to speed their IOT service initiatives. Using the CHARIOT cloud service, connected device companies gain a platform that does the heavy lifting – device onboarding, service provisioning, secure and remote access services, firmware updates and more inside a globally scalable service. With CHARIOT, companies can focus on developing their apps and leave the rest to CHARIOT.


For Managed Services Providers and Broadband Operators


CHARIOT ACS™ is Affinegy’s advanced Auto Configuration Server (ACS) that provides the intelligence powering the CHARIOT Platform. CHARIOT ACS unifies device and customer management by combining TR-069, SNMP and XMPP management in one converged platform. It includes flexible scripting for batch mode operations, proactive alarm management, active reporting, inform message policy rules for optimal fault/performance management and more. It is proven in deployments around the world with millions of devices and delivers the best of both standard, synchronous and real-time live management that provides responsive and secure management.


CHARIOT Home™ is the user’s go-to web application for managing their network, devices and services. CHARIOT Home helps consumers spend less time managing technology and content and more time enjoying their connected lives.


CHARIOT Care™ provides, fast and automated diagnostic and single-click repairs for the most common WiFi and connectivity issues in broadband homes and small offices. It provides a secure web-based view of real time status of home user’s network status, details of their configuration, as well as any connected devices to quickly resolve support issues and better target and upsell new service offerings.


CHARIOT Mobile™ brings the features of CHARIOT Home to a mobile application so the user doesn’t have to leave the couch to optimize how his connected devices are performing and are used. Proactive notifications help reduce calls by enabling self-fix support, even prior to opening the application.

For IOT Connected Products and Services

CHARIOT Connect™

CHARIOT Connect™ is a turn-key, fast cloud service for IoT applications and connected devices that is available globally. It easily connects any IOT device for real-time remote access and services anywhere. For AllJoyn devices, it supports remote access by AllJoyn based mobile applications without converting to REST or other APIs. CHARIOT Connect provides easy on-boarding, customer registration and usage reporting needed by connected products companies to connect and manage their products. Developers can access CHARIOT Connect for free. Learn more at


CHARIOT Direct™ extends CHARIOT Connect by also enabling native AllJoyn remote access services to an entire network of connected devices at blazing fast remote speeds from cloud services or mobile apps when away from home. Developers can access CHARIOT Direct for free. Learn more at

CHARIOT Embedded Tools


CHARIOT CWMP™ the easy to integrate and advanced TR-069 embedded client library for any Linux of OpenWRT CPE. CHARIOT CWMP supports any TR-069 data model, including the latest TR-181i2 standard. Powerful user features and WiFi diagnostics are available and supported by CHARIOT Care, Home and Mobile.


CHARIOT XMPPConn™ Affinegy’s open source XMPP connector for IOT devices supporting the CHARIOT Connect and CHARIOT Direct cloud services. XMPPConn works with any Linux based device to add real-time remote services connectivity. It fully supports AllJoyn applications for remote access and works with the AllJoyn Gateway Agent for easy security and traffic management. Learn more at

CHARIOT Mobile Tools

CHARIOT XMPPConn Mobile SDK provides the mobile application libraries to quickly enable any AllJoyn mobile application to connect remotely with AllJoyn connected products through the CHARIOT Connect and CHARIOT Direct service. Learn more and access the SDK at

Connected Device Lifecycle Process