Affinegy Announces a Breakthrough in Managed WiFi Services with its New CHARIOT Release v6.5

Broadband providers can now deliver whole-home WiFi services without being locked to single vendor or proprietary hardware

AUSTIN, TX- February 6, 2018- Affinegy, a global provider of service enablement software and connected device management, announces that its newest CHARIOT release v6.5 delivers advanced, whole-home Managed WiFi services without locking broadband providers into single vendor or proprietary hardware. Because of the new patent pending method of abstracting the proprietary features of WiFi gateways and access points into easy user experiences, Affinegy’s CHARIOT Platform is now the preferred hardware independent solution for the seamless integration of WiFi for all things connected — at mega scale.

Affinegy’s CHARIOT Platform enables providers to choose their selection and management of CPE used to deliver internet connected services, spanning video, data, voice and internet of things for smart and secure homes.

“Our CHARIOT Platform is redefining Managed WiFi – from both a user experience and from a provider business perspective,” said Melissa Simpler, Affinegy CEO. “Providers do not have to lose the existing hardware investment they have made in their CPE. They can meet the demands of their customers by delivering a simple, secure and scalable solution for connecting any and all devices—with ease, visibility and the highest levels of customer service.”

The CHARIOT Platform delivers total hardware independent freedom that allows providers to choose any brand and model TR-069 CPE. CHARIOT onboards new devices, leveraging the unique intelligence of the CHARIOT ACS that systematically neutralizes vendor specific parameters. The result: user interfaces provided by CHARIOT Care/Home/WiFi that simply work and are uniform.

The CHARIOT Platform engine is constructed for superior performance, mega scale and high availability, with an architecture that can respond to providers with tens of millions of customers. The CHARIOT Platform is also ideally suited for smaller scale operators as a cost effective, total solution resulting from CHARIOT’s hosted, secure, multi-tenanted capability.

CHARIOT v6.5 delivers these new features:

  • Supports easy installation of add-on WiFi access points that are automatically configured to current WiFi settings, thus avoiding changes to any existing WiFi devices.
  • Manages whole home WiFi with single SSID and optimum device connections.
  • New patent pending architecture for hardware independence to support CHARIOT’s advanced WiFi management for nearly any make or model of TR-069 manageable WiFi gateway or access point.
  • CHARIOT Care tools for CSRs work with existing WiFi gateways and the latest whole home ACS WiFi systems.
  • Supports advanced management of IoT devices with the latest standard and secure protocols seamlessly integrated into the CHARIOT ACS.
  • Supports new web and mobile subscriber experiences that result in fewer calls and technician visits, and lowers subscriber churn — while also increasing service revenue through value added services.


Affinegy News
Affinegy News

Affinegy is a global provider of service enablement software and connected device management for the home and small business. The preferred hardware independent solution for the seamless integration of WiFi for all things connected, Affinegy’s CHARIOT solution allows providers to quickly onboard new subscribers and install and provision CPE to manage and support broadband powered services, including Managed WiFi. Built to scale, Affinegy’s software solution offers seamless integration of video, data, voice over WiFi for today’s leading broadband, managed service and customer support providers. For more information, please visit

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