At Affinegy, we hire and cultivate the right people – and we believe that people empowerment is critical to our ability to delight our customers and move fast, as high-tech markets demand.

We are POETs. We hire against these cultural criteria: Passion – Openness – Excellence – Teamwork. We all individually count and together we can do more. Beautifully too, as POETs we create and imagine what the world could be and make that.

Melissa Simpler - CEO
Melissa Simpler

Chief Executive Officer

Art Lancaster

Chief Technology Officer

Pawel Szkudlarek

Director of Business Development

Josh Spain

Vice President of Engineering

John Gearhart

Principal Server Architect

John Drake

Director of Operations

“Not only did the Apaches survive the Spanish attacks, but amazingly, the attacks served to make them even stronger. When the Spanish attacked them, the Apaches became even more decentralized and even more difficult to conquer. When the Spanish destroyed their villages, the Apaches might have surrendered if the villages had been crucial to their society. But they weren’t. Instead, the Apaches abandoned their old houses and became nomads. (Try to catch us now.)”

― Ori Brafman (and Rod Beckstrom), The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations