Melissa Simpler

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO and co-founder of Affinegy, Melissa directs corporate strategy, drives product vision, and continually advances strategic partnerships and customers’ engagement. She believes people are the key ingredient of a company’s immediate and long-term success, and drives the continuance of Affinegy’s culture through passion, openness, excellence and team empowerment.

Melissa has 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Prior to Affinegy, she was a co-founder of Entregate. Melissa has also served in corporate business and engineering management roles at Motorola, Dell and National Instruments.

Affinegy was recently selected to join the Broadband Marketing Managers Association (BMMA), a North American group advancing broadband services for today’s connected consumer. Melissa serves as Affinegy’s BMMA representative within this intimate networking organization. She is also a member of Women@Austin, the Open Connectivity Foundation’s (OCF) Marketing Communications Work Group and Women in Tech. Melissa previously served as vice chair of the Continental Automated Buildings Association’s (CABA) Connected Home Council.

Melissa has an MBA and bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, cum laude, from the University of Texas. She currently serves as a mentor to Westlake High School students involved in the school’s business incubator startup course for the 2017-2018 school year. Melissa is pleased to inspire, guide and tell it like it is to these talented, motivated students.