It all began in a lab in Austin, Texas, where we envisioned the world of streaming video content over IP networks utilizing the performance of the latest PowerPC processor. That was 1999 and the lab was inside the Motorola Semiconductor facility.

As we built boards, powered chassis, hooked up VOD servers and DSLAMs, and streamed this rich media content to our local player, called Streamaster, we asked ourselves:

If video could be streamed over IP, what other services would the data pipe deliver? Voice / Video / Internet / Smart Home / Telehealth / and more…

Then we asked:

Do video service providers really need dedicated and high performance set top boxes? Couldn’t a high performance data gateway do the job? Doesn’t the fastest pipe in and through the home hook the customer?

Convinced that the broadband data pipe was the smart services highway, and the WiFi gateway the center of the customer’s relationship with the broadband data pipe, we launched and incorporated Affinegy March 17, 2003. We set out to build CHARIOT, and we built it differently.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the user.

  • How would Sally, a mother of four with no technical background, be able to get, self-install and use the services?
  • How would Tom, a young employee fresh out of college, be able to take and resolve the technical support issue on first contact, and make his boss proud?
  • How would Alex, an experienced IT engineer, be able to manage from the network operations center the thousands to millions of WiFi gateways connected to his broadband network?

And then we engineered the “Just Works” experience for all these users and for the scalable, multi-tenantable, secure platform for Managed WiFi and its rich array of connected services.

We built the CHARIOT Platform.

That’s our Story. It’s still our Story, and the Time is Now.

Melissa Simpler & Art Lancaster
Co-founders, Affinegy